Four Ring Performance Engineering offers a comprehensive list of high performance and race engine services

Complete Engines

Whether your needs are a high performance street engine, or pure race engine, FRP will work directly with you to deliver an engine which exceeds your expectations for performance and durability. At FRP, it is our goal to design and produce engine products that provide our clients with the greatest overall value in the industry. In this quest we rely heavily on science and engineering in concert with the selection of high quality yet high value components. Our ultra precision machining and meticulous assembly techniques complete the package.

In our complete engine packages we analyze and then optimize virtually every part and system in the engine - nothing is left to chance. Every internal clearance is optimized and carefully confirmed - usually called blue-printing - and the expected service life of the unit is "engineered in" through component selection within the individual client's budget. At FRP we use only 2618 alloy forged pistons and gas nitrided stainless steel rings for the ultimate in sealing and durability under high boost, high temperature service. We can also provide, at client request, gapless top and even gapless second ring packages for special applications.

A special feature of our engine construction at FRP is the video recording of each component, at each step of assembly and the provision of a build sheet for the client to keep along with the video. The build sheet lists, in detail, each component and every clearance and torque value or bolt stretch spec used in construction of the engine along with cam specs and valve timing specs as built!

Cylinder Head Porting and Flowing

FRP offers hand ported and finished cylinder heads for any use, be it mild street applications to all out race engine heads. We use a Superflow SF - 600 flow bench to optimize and confirm performance gains with an emphasis on maximizing low lift and mid lift flow- especially on street engines - as well as port configurations which optimize mid to high lift flow for high boost high rpm race engines.

We also offer special port configurations and valve seat techniques for strictly naturally aspirated motors. On all head packages we offer oversize valve and seat combinations and a variety of valve seat finishing techniques.

Short Block Assemblies

FRP will prepare your short block using the same techniques, the same quality parts and the same care as is used in our complete engine packages.

Engine Balancing

FRP provides balancing of your rotating assembly to the same exacting standards as found in our other engine products.