What We're All About

Every "Car Guy" has heard, or in too many cases experienced, the horror stories about disastrous engine build projects. The rings that never seat, oil consumption and low power, lack of durability or just out right blow ups that result from poor machine work, mismatched parts or poor assembly.

At FRP Engineering we provide only the best ultra precision machine work and meticulous assembly in a near medical grade clean environment. Cylinder bore sizes, piston to wall clearances and bearing clearances are held within one ten thousandth (.0001) of an inch. Ring end gaps are held to a maximum variance of .0005 of an inch.These are the required inputs that allow us to stand behind every engine we build and assure you that you will never be a player in an engine horror story!

Services offered by FRP include all traditional machine shop services such as:

  • Engine block decking, boring and plate honing, line honing
  • All types of cylinder head work including custom porting, valve work, custom valve guide and seal combinations required for high lift cams
  • Engine balancing to 1/4 gram tolerance
  • Full blueprinting and custom bearing clearances required for extreme service durability
  • Block or cylinder head o-ringing for high boost applications.