Introducing new FRP/Wiseco E85 and Race Gas Piston

FRP Engineering is proud to announce our all new line of extreme performance Race Gas and E85 Pistons for Audi - AAN and 3B inline five cylinder engines. They are the result of a considerable engineering partnership with Wiseco Piston and have been proven in the FRP Land Speed Record holding S4 sedan.

These are the first "flow and compression optimized" racing pistons for these engines utilizing true 3D dome milling and Aero Humps that interface with the intake valves during overlap to enhance cylinder filling and increase scavenging of burned exhaust gasses.

These pistons have 6cc positive dome volume and are intended to be used in ported combustion chambers where bore matching and flow relieving around the valves produce chamber volumes of 48 to 51 cc's. These pistons produce a 10.1 to 1 CR in engines with 86.4 mm strokes and a 50 cc chamber volume and a standard .062 MLS gasket. With a 92.8 stroke they produce 10.65 to 1 with the same accompanying specs.

These compression ratios are required when the builder / tuner are trying to take maximum advantage of high octane, slow burning race gas or with E85 to E98 fuels and their lower caloric heat content and high latent heat cooling properties.

Additional features include; Valve pocket diameter and depth optimized for oversize valves and high lift cams, quench pad height optimized, availability of ceramic dome coating and low friction skirt coating, custom compression heights to suit builder preference, strutted high strength, low friction forging of 2618 alloy that utilizes a short, stiff 1.195 inch long - .225 wall pin to properly support the ring band at hi boost and HP levels.

Custom C350 DLC coated pins are available on request.

Bore sizes are 82, 82.5 and 83 mm. Standard ring pack is 1, 1.2 and 2.8 mm

Custom ring specs for builder preference are available as are lateral gas ports in the top ring groove.

Horsepower capacity of piston and pin are 250 per cylinder. Pistons come with rings, pins and clips.