Race Gas & E85 Pistons for Turbo AAN and 3B Engines

Our high compression version of the FRP - Wiseco piston utilizes all the high tech features of our pump gas piston with the added benefit of a 10.5 to one compression ratio. These pistons install with a thirty thousandths (.030) positive deck height and MUST be used in conjunction with the Victor Reinz multi layer steel head gasket which has a .070 compressed thickness.

These pistons are ideal for any modified car using stand alone engine management and running exclusively on racing gasoline or on E85 ethanol blend.

Enthusiasts who desire to set their street car up on E85 will find these pistons yield higher fuel mileage than could be achieved using lower compression pistons commonly used in pump gas vehicles along with the benefit of added horsepower. These pistons are designed to exploit the extreme octane rating of E85 and race fuel.

*Do not install these pistons in any turbocharged vehicle that will ever be operated on pump gasoline.

Introducing Wiseco Custom Forged Pistons

FRP is proud to announce our new line of super trick forged pistons for Audi and VW turbo engines! These new pistons, available now for the Audi AAN and 3B engines are manufactured for us by Wiseco Performance Products. They are produced at Wiseco's dedicated forging facility and are manufactured using super tough 2618 alloy and incorporate the very newest "strut type" forgings. This piston design reduces overall piston weight and concentrates weight where it is needed in the crown and pin boss area while also reducing frictional losses within the cylinder bore.

FRP / Wiseco pistons incorporate a number of useful design enhancements including: Optimized valve pocket angles, of maximum depth and diameter, to allow the safe use of oversize intake valves and high lift camshafts as well as a standard gas accumulator groove and a dome design which enhances combustion chamber turbulence and mixture homogeneity.

Another advantage of the strutted forging is that it allows the use of very short (2 inch) wrist pins. The pins furnished are a high grade tool steel taper bore design which weigh an incredibly light 63 grams per pin. This short and rigid pin design allows extreme horsepower per cylinder numbers without causing premature wear to the small end bushing of the connecting rod. Pins are standard 20 mm (.787) diameter and allow these pistons to be used with stock or aftermarket rods.

FRP pistons are furnished standard with low friction skirt coatings and can be purchased with a heat rejecting ceramic dome coating at a modest additional cost. These pistons install with a zero deck height and produce a static compression ratio of 9.1 to 1 when installed with standard replacement MLS head gaskets.

FRP pistons are furnished with ultra precision NPR ring sets with a 1mm gas nitrided stainless top ring, a 1.2 mm "second design Napier hook" second ring and a standard tension 2.8 mm oil ring.

FRP/Wiseco pistons for the Audi AAN and 3B engine will safely support 40 PSI boost pressure and 225 horsepower per cylinder. They are available in 82, 82.5 and 83 mm bore size with the standard 86.4 mm stroke. They are also available for use with stroker crankshafts but need to be special ordered.