Price: $1,388 USD. Add $135 USD for dry sump drive mandrel.

FRP/ATI Super Damper for Audi I5

The new FRP/Ati Super Damper is the first true racing damper, available to the public, for extreme output Audi 5 cylinder engines. This damper is identical to the type of crankshaft damper found on every single engine in Nascar Sprint Cup competition and every NHRA Pro Stock engine. These racing dampers are rated to 1150hp and 10000pm.

This damper must be used in conjunction with a dry sump / external pump oiling system as the mounting hub for this damper presses over the full length of the crank nose and runs solid against the front main bearing journal. The seal race is sized for the common big block Chevy timing cover seal. The only required mods to the crank are removal of the stock oil pump drive "lever" and having the crank nose broached for a 3/16 hardened woodruf key.

A key feature of FRP/Ati Superdamper is the integral timing belt drive machined into the mounting hub. No more failure prone multi piece belt drives as on the stock 3B / AAN engine! The damper hub can be supplied as pictured with a 25mm wide belt drive or it can be furnished to use the stock width (19mm) timing belt with no difference in cost.

This damper is available with the smooth outer shell pictured here or with a serpentine shell for driving crank driven accessories. On the serpentine model, the belt grooves are located in the exact same plane as on a stock Audi AAN crank damper.

The damper is pictured with a dry sump drive mandrel which bolts conveniently to the front of the balancer and is available as an option.

Please call or e mail for more information and see ATi's website for a full explanation of the benefits of the Ati SuperDamper.

These units are built to order for your application.