Price is $3,300 USD

Brand New Race Grade 92.8 and 95.5 Stroke 5 Cyl Chrome Steel Crankshaft

FRP Engineering is very pleased to offer a true race grade 92.8 or 95.5 stroke crankshaft for Audi 5 cylinder engines. This crankshaft is manufactured in the United States, exclusively for FRP by Crower Cams and Equipment Company. This crank, manufactured from E4340 chrome steel, offers greatly elevated levels of torsional stiffness and load carrying ability with vastly upgraded material quality, heat treating and broad fillet style journal radius compared to the under cut J radius on the factory crank. The increased torsional stiffness of this crank greatly reduces wear and tear on the factory crank dampers and their mounting.

Another important feature is the factory style full radius counter weights which place balance weight in the correct position relative to the rod pin to insure low harmonic operation across the broadest possible rpm range. Cranks are zero balanced to a 720 gram bob weight which is in the typical range for after market pistons and rods in these engines meaning only minor adjustments will be needed during engine construction.

This crankshaft is constructed from Timken 4340 de-gassed billet steel made in America with all manufacturing done by Crower in San Diego Ca. Finish grinding tolerances are held to .0001 of an inch with perfectly concentric journals with equally perfect journal flatness. Ion nitriding ensures the ultimate in material stability and toughness.

These cranks also incorporate the following design improvments by FRP:

Each rod journal is fed by direct drilling from 2 adjacent main bearings for more consistent supply to highly loaded rod bearings.

Rod and main journal diameters are optimized for proper oil film thickness required in high power applications. Rod pin diameter is 1.8800 and main journal diameter is 2.2811 Main journal diameter allows proper clearance without the need for excessive line honing to gain adequate clearance.

Thrust flange width is increased by .001 for freer running and adequate end play.

Rod flange width is increased by .002 to allow appropriate rod side clearance in most cases without facing the rods.

The crank nose is broached for a 3/16ths woodruff key for driving race style crank dampers used with dry sump oiling systems

Crank can be purchase with or without the factory oil pump drive lever installed.

* Cranks are built to order for each client. Custom strokes are available. Delivery time is 90 to 120 days. These cranks are available exclusively through Four Ring Performance Engineering.

Aero counter weights are standard. Super finish is available by request.