The Temple of I5 & Inline Turbo Performance

Four Ring Performance Engineering is your one-stop-shop for high performance and racing engine design and construction. We specialize in German and Japanese in-line engine technology, be it 4, 5, or 6 cylinder, with an emphasis on turbocharged VW/Audi, Honda/Acura, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota and GM Ecotec power plants. In addition to these inline powerplants, we also service the high performance and racing versions of the Audi 2.7T V6 and 4.2 V8 engines. All of our engine products are 100% custom built for customers who desire a finished product that exceeds in quality, durability and performance that which is available from high volume "cookie cutter" engine businesses.

FRP now supplying Borg Warner turbos

Four Ring Performance is now a dealer for Borg Warner Turbo and our distributor is Area Diesel Service which has all the hi-tech facilities to size and service your turbocharger!

Call or e-mail for competitive pricing. (816)-699-4801 or

Exclusively from FRP Engineering!

True Race Quality 92.8 and 95.5 Stroke Billet Crankshaft!

In design for over one year and now available for purchase, is our E4340 Chrome Moly Billet Race Crank!

This crank is designed as a true racing crank with none of the compromises required in production crankshafts. American Made from American billet steel.

Aero counter weights are standard. Super finish available by request.

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New FRP/Wiseco E85 and Race Gas Piston

FRP Engineering is proud to announce our all new line of extreme performance Race Gas and E85 Pistons for Audi - AAN and 3B inline five cylinder engines. They are the result of a considerable engineering partnership with Wiseco Piston and have been proven in the FRP Land Speed Record holding S4 sedan.

These are the first "flow and compression optimized" racing pistons for these engines utilizing true 3D dome milling and Aero Humps that interface with the intake valves during overlap to enhance cylinder filling and increase scavenging of burned exhaust gasses.

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