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Four Ring Performance Engineering is your one-stop-shop for high performance and racing engine design and construction. We specialize in German and Japanese in-line engine technology, be it 4, 5, or 6 cylinder, with an emphasis on turbocharged VW/Audi, Honda/Acura, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota and GM Ecotec power plants. In addition to these inline powerplants, we also service the high performance and racing versions of the Audi 2.7T V6 and 4.2 V8 engines. All of our engine products are 100% custom built for customers who desire a finished product that exceeds in quality, durability and performance that which is available from high volume "cookie cutter" engine businesses.

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2012 FRP Audi S4 Bonneville Project

This is our record holding Land Speed race car. It's engine produces over 1000 wheel horse power and is durable enough to stand up under the brutal high rpm treatment of racing at Bonneville.

When you choose FRP Engineering for your engine project you gain access to all of the engine design and building technology and assembly techniques that allow this 136 cubic inch engine to power our S4 to over 250 mph - with reliability.

Whether your engine will be used in drag racing, road racing, land speed racing or just high performance street use, FRP will give you the greatest performance and reliability at the most reasonable cost.

Call or e mail us at FRP when you are ready to exceed your high performance or race engine dreams.

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IROZ Motorsport Turbo Manifold

FRP Now carrying state of the art 5 cylinder turbo manifold by IROZ Motorsport. Fits all 7A, 3B and AAN Audi 5 cylinder applications. See new products page.

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