Price: $1,225 USD for T3/T4/T6 flange. V-band discharge available at additional cost.

FRP Engineering is proud to announce our second generation I5 turbo manifold for the 1992 - 1997 Audi S4 / S6 and the 1991 200 - 20V Turbo.

This new manifold is identical to the one we use on our 950 WHP 1993 S4 Bonneville race car. It allows the mounting of large frame (GT42) size turbos with proper hood clearance and has an orientation which allows easy down-pipe fabrication. We have a 4 inch down-pipe on the race car and it clears the strut tower with ease.

As with our first generation manifold, FRP continues the use of thick wall schedule 40 stainless tubing, stainless head flange and thick wall stainless merge style collector. The new unit however incorporates primary tubes which are much more equal in length and are arranged to provide a rotational firing pattern within the collector for improved spool up with lower back pressure at high rpm. In short it is a more efficient design!

The FRP turbo manifold comes standard with a Tial waste gate flange but others are available on request. The standard turbo flange is a T4 but T3 and T6 flanges are available - just let us know what you need when you order.

The FRP turbo manifold is guaranteed for life against cracking or burn through to the original purchaser.

This does not, of course, cover damage sustained in a vehicle accident.

Due to the high cost of materials these units are made to order. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.